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I Will Never Let My Heart Be Broken Again

I Will Never Let My Heart Be Broken Again  Last night I was listening to a song with the refrain, “Nothing in this world will ever break my heart again”.  Sound familiar? Who hasn’t made this pledge to themselves at …


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LOVE   Take a moment and consider this question.  What do you need more, to love or be loved? If you haven’t taken that moment, you still can before I tell you. The need to love is more basic than …


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A Few Kind Words

A Few Kind Words  Whenever anyone would ask my father what he wanted for his birthday or a holiday, he would say, “A few kind words.”  This was always exasperating!  I wanted an answer and that’s all he could say.  …


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Dear Marcia Q&A#3

Dear Marcia:  How can I love myself when I’ve been told all my life I am supposed to love and do for others and anything else is selfish? –C.S. Dear Reader:  Thank you so much for this excellent question.  Many …


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Remembering -2

Remembering-2 Reality is defined as that which we experience with our five senses.  There is more to reality than what we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.  We have a sixth sense known as intuition which is not based …


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Ego and Self

May 7th, 2015

Identification with ego is the undoing of remembering your true being, Self. Your ego falsely believes the myth of separation and leaves you feeling small, isolated, unsupported, and vulnerable.  Every fear, every pain, and every suffering registers in ego.  Imagine …



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