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Conscious Choice

Conscious Choice Every moment we are making choices, thousands of choices a day; choices of how to act or react to whatever crosses our path.  Choices are how we define ourselves. You can make choices consciously by being aware, weighing …


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Stages of Gratitude

Stages of Gratitude There are four stages of Gratitude: Gratitude 101, Beginning Gratitude, Intermediate Gratitude, and Advanced Gratitude. Gratitude 101 is when we come out of self-pity and the negativity of ‘poor me’ mentality.  Oh, we have all been there.  …


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Forgetting      We all know what it is like to forget but what is it to forget spiritually? And how do we recognize and transform the forgetting? When we identify with our egos and believe we are all separate, we …


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Dear Marcia Q&A #2

Dear Marcia: There are times I find myself feeling hopeless and sad.  Is there anything I can do to feel better? Dear Reader: It is part of the human condition that feelings move in and out of our experience.  It …


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Ego and Self

May 7th, 2015

Identification with ego is the undoing of remembering your true being, Self. Your ego falsely believes the myth of separation and leaves you feeling small, isolated, unsupported, and vulnerable.  Every fear, every pain, and every suffering registers in ego.  Imagine …



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