Path of Return: a Spiritual Guidebook for Enlightenment in Everyday Life gently and lovingly walks you through how you can live a life of integrity, positive intention, and responsibility in everyday dealings with yourself and others, while teaching the principles of living life with compassion and right action. Path of Return is a guide to practicing the spiritual alchemy of remembering your true identity as Divine energy.

The wisdom contained in Path of Return can enable you to bring forth the realization of your God-force identity into the marketplace of your everyday life. It contains the possibility of a shift in perception to a ‘knowing’ that you inhabit God-force and God-force inhabits you.

PATHWAY-1The world of form is a physical manifestation of formlessness. Infinite, eternal, intelligent, creative energy is the life-force, the God-force, All-That-Is. You are inseparable from it and it is inseparable from you. If you have forgotten this fundamental truth, Path of Return is a key to your remembering.




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