In the over 30 years I’ve been in practice, I’ve found that the healing process of therapy follows a natural progression that eventually becomes a spiritual journey.  I’ve witnessed this time and time again.  I’m grateful to serve as a guide on this most wondrous journey.

I’m available for the following services in person, by telephone, or through Skype.

Individual Psychotherapy/Spiritual Counseling

One-on-one therapy is an interpersonal and profound experience. It offers a unique opportunity to enter into a dynamic and supportive relationship with someone who holds you in high regard and without judgment.  In this environment, space is held for you to consciously evolve and actualize into your highest self.

Couple Counseling

The couple is a crucible for personal growth.  Couple counseling offers a safe place to heal and enhance your relationship.  All relationships benefit from learning effective communication skills and developing empathy and compassion.  If you are able to understand the lessons facing you as a couple, become allies and not adversaries, you can once again experience the trust and intimacy that initially brought you together.  All things are possible.

Group Work

Group work can be a profound experience in spiritual development using the principles of integrity, positive intention, and right action found in Path of Return.  The focus of my group work is on how to ‘remember to remember’ your true nature and observe your everyday life from the vantage point of your Divine energy identity.  With the interaction and support of the group, one can experience a shift in perception and a peace that passes understanding.

For further information and/or to make an appointment, please contact Marcia.

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