Path of Return shares truths that we all know instinctively in the deepest parts of our soul, but that we can never be reminded of too often. Indeed, reading this book is like talking to the most wise and loving guide imaginable, a guide who can put things into a different perspective that makes your life work better. As you continue to read Path of Return, the book speaks to you on higher and higher levels. Every time I re-read a chapter, I discover new layers of meaning I didn’t see the last time.”

–Katy Koontz, Freelance Editor, Knoxville, TN


“I can only hope this review can accurately describe how helpful this book has been to me. I have spent a lifetime trying to find a guide that I find to be grounded, pure, wise and kind- and this book has all of those qualities. For anyone who has ever asked themselves how to find happiness, quite honestly this is the most relevant path and or guide I have ever encountered. While the Path of Now has incredibly helpful insights, I find that Marcia Schwartz’s Path of Return comes from the heart and it has an almost physical effect. The message is so pure, and the actual effect that this book has on the reader is one of warmth, comfort and peace- feelings that when you can feel lost can be life-savers. After reading The Path of Return I find that my perspective instantly shifts and enables me to love my daily life. This shift happened at a time when I would dread my life upon awakening. The truth is happiness really is within our grasp today, it is just a question of learning how to reconnect with things that bring us real fulfillment and joy. There is no revolution necessary; just an awareness of what is available to you right now. I just hope that anyone looking to bring more daily joy into their lives reads this book- I sincerely cannot recommend it more highly and I will be buying this as a gift for my dearest friends. I am certain this book will be a massively successful message.”

–Kate Brierley, President & Founder, Isoude, Newport, RI


“There are so many gems in this book it is like finding buried treasure. The author makes it so easy to understand and apply to my everyday life that I felt compelled to take a moment and write this review to thank her for putting her ideas down on paper and then making them available. If you pick it up and scan it, you will surely buy it, and then your life will change for the better!”

-Peter Rennert, Founder, The Effortless Way to Peak Performance, Fairfield, CT


“First read in the morning, and last read at night, “Path of Return” reminds me and inspires me to live more consistently on a spiritual level. This practice seems to make my days flow in a calmer, more meaningful way. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the most meaningful goal of life..to re-member ourselves in divinity and unity with all and to act in this world from this standpoint of Truth. I find this makes daily life so much more joyful, fun and satisfying!”



SCULPTURE-2“I’ve read it cover to cover twice and now it holds a place of honor on my coffee table. Sitting down to read this book, even if for only 5 minutes, is a gift I give myself as often as I can. I relate to this book exactly as it is described in the preface — as a loving and wise friend. When I need some words of wisdom I flip through the table of contents and I always find several topics that are perfect for me in that moment. The information in Path of Return teaches me who I truly am and what is truly important in life. Basically, the book is filled with the most beautiful and loving truths that I’ve always wanted to hear. These are truths that are transforming my life from one of shame and hatred to one of acceptance and love. The author explains very clearly and thoughtfully where emotional pain comes from and why and how I don’t have to live in pain anymore. The first time I read Path of Return was a very intense experience for me because the message in the book is the antithesis of what I had been taught as a child and how I had lived as an adult. Also, some of the language was new to me and gave rise to some judgments and thoughts of dismissing the content. I am so glad that I did not let my initial doubts and cynicism rob me of benefiting from the loving, insightful wisdom in this treasure of a book. I hope you give yourself this treasure too!”

–Laura Leever, Educator, Sag Harbor, NY


“…the interpretations Ms. Schwartz gives to the concepts that form the basis of current metaphysical thought are refreshing, wise, and stated in a manner that makes abstruse concepts understandable. Better still, the author has found language that allows the reader to be able to feel the concepts. It would be difficult to find a more concise, lucid, and readable summary of current spiritual teaching than the one Ms. Schwartz offers in this brief volume.”

– ForeWard Clarion Review


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