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It is my deepest desire for this website and for Path of Return to bring peace to you the reader. What I have discovered has been the culmination of a lifetime of seeking the Truth. And I want to share it with you.

From the time I was a little girl, I yearned for home. I was certain the home I sought from deep in my soul wasn’t my parent’s home or this earthly place. My longing was for something much larger than this experience of life I was having and it motivated my decisions and choices.

I have pursued understanding, growth, and spiritual development at every turn. As a teacher of young children, I was committed to helping them love themselves, learning, and their creative process. I had always been drawn to psychology as a way to be truly helpful so it was not surprising that I became a psychotherapist. How grateful I am to play this healing role in people’s lives. It is my passion and my purpose, my gift and my blessing.

My life work, the interests I pursued, the numerous workshops, training programs, post-graduate educational programs, the amazing minds I worked with, and my deep and abiding connection with that which is greater than me led me step by step to the Truth I so dearly desired. I discovered how to be home, to be always connected to that experience often referred to as God, to fully know that I am Divine energy, while being fully present here in this Earth-bound reality.

FLOWERS-2Path of Return is my gift to you. It is the answer to my quest for finding home here on this Earth. I was correct in my knowing so many decades ago that there was far more to this life than meets the eye. Path of Return is the wake up that you have been waiting for and the answer to the most basic question, “Who am I?”

My search ended in the most glorious discovery. I offer you the guidance and wisdom in Path of Return. This website is lovingly dedicated to you and to the pursuit of Truth as we explore the principles found in the wisdom and guidance revealed within its pages.

Marcia Schwartz

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