What is enlightenment? It is the realization of Truth, that you are not form but the consciousness that transcends it. To live in this knowing, to experience the transcendent, is enlightenment. This is a tremendous switch from having the illusion of being small and separate while relating to something outside of you, commonly called “God,” which is limitless.



It is separation that is the illusion. Life in the physical world is a play within a play. Awareness is the means one uses to accomplish this feat of knowing both worlds at one time and being able to remember the Truth, staying connected to it through being always cognizant of it. You are both in the physical world of the concrete and at the same time also at peace in the expansive and vibratory world of Oneness. Connection is peaceful. It is love. Disconnection is painful. It is suffering.

-Ch. 5 Awareness  


This is a one-moment-at-a-time journey. It is challenging. You are transmuting the darkness of desire, impulse, and primitiveness (all part of the “forgetting”) into the light of divine love (the remembering). You are a spiritual alchemist, and this is a process. Rejoice that you have remembered your true nature and are on the Path. It is a great blessing.

-Ch. 11 Remembering


gardenYou have a relationship with yourself. The question is what kind of relationship do you have? Is it unconditionally loving, supportive, and protective or is it critical, rejecting, and neglectful? Do you abandon yourself and betray yourself? Do you live in an inner state of abandoning self-hatred or in a state of empathetic, compassionate love? This is your choice.

Compassion for self is the great inner healer. Compassion is the purest form of unconditional love. It is the great God-love. It has no judgments. It makes no comparisons. It holds no demands and does not punish. Compassion springs from the understanding that humans are in the state of forgetting and that they have the illusion of separation as a common experience. Compassion is the realization of the interconnectedness of All-That-Is. Each person is on the path of finding his or her way back to Truth, and back to Oneness.

-Ch. 15 Loving Yourself Whole


Each day presents manifold opportunities to align with right-action and love. At every choice point, you are an agent of change. You can change hatred into love, condemnation into compassion, and the darkness of forgetting into the light of remembering.

-Ch. 23 Evolving Consciousness


SCULPTURE-1Ask your Higher Self, your higher vibratory frequencies, for help. You will receive assistance and support in anything that you ask that has to do with your spiritual development. Set your intention to be aware of this place within you that offers such peace. Be willing to release self-hate, to open your heart and be vulnerable and undefended. Return to that original state of love that you inhabited before the illusion of separation occurred. Your deepening relationship with your God-force nature will uplift your heart and will bring you joy and peace. It is paradise found.

-Ch. 27 Connecting With Your Higher Self


Speak your truth in your interaction with yourself and others. You are, in your essence, unconditional, generative, intelligent, creative love. That is your God-force identity. When you betray or deny this in your interaction, you fall into the illusion, the forgetting. The finite world is filled with conditional love that objectifies and invalidates the essence within each person.  To hold fast to your true nature is the mark of a seeker on the path of remembering.

-Ch. 33 Speak Your Truth


Do not question situations that arise in your life. They are all perfectly designed by you and for you, co-creatively, to bring you home to the full realization of your God-nature that supersedes all other seeming truths. A place exists within every human, a place of connection and Truth. In this place, you can ride out any storm—physical, mental, or emotional.

-Ch. 34 Intention


Set your intention and therefore your course by acknowledging your heart’s longing to return to the Truth of your eternal and infinite God-force nature. Intend to live and breathe compassion. It will take you home. It is the great facilitator, the lantern that illuminates the Path of Return.

-Ch. 36 The Light of Compassion


Right-action is the hallmark of a consciously evolving person because such people realize their significance as cells in the body of God-ness. Right-action is imbued with thoughtfulness and awareness; it takes your true identity into account. You all have a responsibility to yourself and to others to assist each other on the path of return. Every base choice that you transform into a higher choice through right-action raises the frequencies of light. So before you do anything, reflect on whether your impending choice or action benefits or detracts, whether it raises the light frequency or promotes darkness and the forgetting.

-Ch. 38 Right Action


If you surround yourself with a wall to avoid hurt and suffering, you imprison yourself. This might prevent a certain type of pain, but you will pay a greater price for walling off your heart. You deny the best in you, that which is authentic, vulnerable, and True. This is too high a price to pay for the illusion of being safe. Your only real safety is in being authentic.

-Ch. 40 Live Your Truth


Being-ness threatens the existence of ego and ego combats the existence of being-ness by sending shock waves of fear through you.  Fear is the ego’s weapon and faith is the domain of being-ness.  Do you live in fear or faith, ego or being-ness?  When you are open-hearted, grateful and at peace, feeling at one and full of life force, you are experiencing your being-ness.

The opposite of fear is not fearlessness, it is Faith.  It is complete and whole. Meditate on Faith and feel the expansion.  Sit with fear and feel the contraction.  Fear and ego limit you, keep you small and tight, constricted.  Faith and being-ness release you, exhilarate you and open you.

-Ch. 41 Being-ness


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