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Late Spring as Usual by Marie Ponsot, poet

Late Spring as Usual                                                          The vine is moving. the motion too slow to be visible but it is racing, racing, feeling for a way across the wall of the fence it’s scrawling on, inches added every day. Forwarding, sunwarding, …


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A New Beginning

A New Beginning   This time of year invites us to reflect on the past and dream of the future.  It is a time of renewal.  We draw an imaginary line in the sand and say we can start anew.  …


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Welcome to my first blog! I feel like I am talking to empty space. Since there is nobody out there at the moment, I am! So I’m going to reframe that and think I am talking to possibility. That feels …


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Ego and Self

May 7th, 2015

Identification with ego is the undoing of remembering your true being, Self. Your ego falsely believes the myth of separation and leaves you feeling small, isolated, unsupported, and vulnerable.  Every fear, every pain, and every suffering registers in ego.  Imagine …



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