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Litter and Consciousness

LITTER and CONSCIOUSNESS When my daughter was 4 years old, we had a favorite book.  We read it many times. It was one of those, “Mommy, again!” books.  We had it memorized.  It had beautiful illustrations of landscapes with blooming …


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Spring Surrounds Us

Spring Surrounds Us  Spring is about renewal.  As I walk down the street or the lane or through the woods, I am surrounded by the wonder of spring.  I gaze in amazement as trees begin to flower and privets burst …


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Results of What Brings You Joy? survey

The Results are in on What Brings You Joy?   What brings me joy is:  -gardening -walking along the oceanfront -flowers -an afternoon bubble bath -an excellent meal -walking in the woods -hearing the birds sing -bed socks on a …


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What Brings You Joy?

What Brings You Joy? Awhile back, I started to take a joy inventory of my day each night.  My inquiry would be to the question, “What brought me joy today?  What brought me happiness today?”  Somenights I felt satisfied that …


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What do I want?

“What do I want?”  “What do I want?” is a defining question to ask yourself many times a day on many levels.  Ask it in terms of what you want from life, what you want from your day, what you …


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Out With the Old

Out With the Old  A long time ago I heard about a woman who ran year-long  training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.  At the end of the first session, she instructed her students to go home and, in the ensuing month, …


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A Few Kind Words

A Few Kind Words  Whenever anyone would ask my father what he wanted for his birthday or a holiday, he would say, “A few kind words.”  This was always exasperating!  I wanted an answer and that’s all he could say.  …


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A Lesson for Us

  A Lesson for Us  Out of all the news clips, articles and comments about Nelson Mandela, this is the one that held the most impact.  Evidently, he said that, although so much had been taken from him through 27 …


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Stages of Gratitude

Stages of Gratitude There are four stages of Gratitude: Gratitude 101, Beginning Gratitude, Intermediate Gratitude, and Advanced Gratitude. Gratitude 101 is when we come out of self-pity and the negativity of ‘poor me’ mentality.  Oh, we have all been there.  …


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Follow-up Home from Provence

Follow-up on Provence ‘Push’ or ‘Allow’ I am happy to report I’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping the lessons of my recent time in Provence alive in my daily life.  What has changed for me?  I’m aware at …


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Ego and Self

May 7th, 2015

Identification with ego is the undoing of remembering your true being, Self. Your ego falsely believes the myth of separation and leaves you feeling small, isolated, unsupported, and vulnerable.  Every fear, every pain, and every suffering registers in ego.  Imagine …



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