Conscious Choice

1794515_651893948203093_411913441_nConscious Choice

Every moment we are making choices, thousands of choices a day; choices of how to act or react to whatever crosses our path.  Choices are how we define ourselves.

You can make choices consciously by being aware, weighing possibilities, assessing the desired outcome.  This requires being present and aware in the moment.  On the other hand, you can make choices unconsciously as a result of your negative thoughts and beliefs, expectations, attitudes, and fears.  We do both.

Being present and aware is challenging in a world that appears to get more and more complex, demanding, and stressful; a world that seems to move at warp speed with us lagging behind.

Staying present, aware, and consciously defining yourself in this environment requires a strong, still center.  It requires time to reflect on your life, where you have been and where you are going, time to determine and set your intentions.  For instance, in order to intend to be kinder, you have to reflect on how you are with people and feel your desire to be kinder in the world.  The challenge is prioritizing your time.  How do you grab time when it seems to slip through your fingers?  

We all have lists of tasks that have to be done.  Sometimes we have them on paper and sometimes we carry them around in our already overloaded heads.  Do you put time for yourself on your list?  Do activities such as taking a walk, riding your bike, sitting in some beautiful natural spot, rowing your kayak make it to your daily list?  Quiet times to unwind and turn inward are essential to our well-being.

What about meditation?  You say you don’t have time to meditate.  I understand.  But here is the truth. Parts of you believe you must get all your endless tasks done and you must keep pushing, pushing, pushing.  If you can negotiate with those parts to give yourself 10-15 minutes a day for a week to go into the fertile stillness within, to quiet your chaotic mind, and to breathe Oneness, you will crave meditation* and that will make it easier for the parts of you that relish peace to find the time.

1231616_10151692906591429_603287205_nMeditation is a bridge from the frenzied world of ego to the still world of Self.  It leads you into the moment and the moment is perfect. You will find yourself longing to return to the stillness which connects you to your spiritual Self.  The busy-ness of life makes it even more enticing to return frequently to this stillness.  To that place from which we can observe the play of life that is the manifestation of ego.

Consciously setting your intentions and practicing gratitude are additional ways to center and ground and make it possible to remain present and aware.

Reflect and set your intentions for your day each morning before rising. It takes seconds and your day will unfold as you have envisioned.  Now that is power! And it is yours and mine to claim.

Place a journal or pad next to your bed and each night write or say to yourself 5-10 things for which you are grateful.  This is a simple ritual that yields immense positive returns.

Give it a try.  You have everything to gain.

-with love

*See the back of my book, “Path of Return: a Spiritual Guidebook to Enlightenment in Everyday Life”, for the “Great Breath” Meditaton.                                                              Click on the ‘you-tube’ icon on my website page to listen to a guided meditation entitled ‘Oneness Meditation’.  Find it all right here on my website.




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3 Responses to Conscious Choice

  1. Avatar Linda says:

    Thanks for the gentle reminder for self care…starting my day reflecting on intentions always results in a more positive, enlightened outcome! xoxo Linda

  2. Avatar Beck says:

    As you always seem to be able to do, you have sent the exact lesson I needed to learn at the perfect time. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful wisdoms you share with us all. Sending much love back to you.

  3. Avatar Mary Beth says:

    Thanks, Marcia, for your message about the importance of our choices. We have the freedom to choose our thoughts. And I appreciate the rituals you offer to help us make conscious choices.

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