Spring Surrounds Us

Spring Surrounds Us

 Spring is about renewal.  As I walk down the street or the lane or through the woods, I am surrounded by the wonder of spring.  I gaze in amazement as trees begin to flower and privets burst forth with the first sign of green.  You see life edging out from what appears to be dead limbs.  Everywhere there is promise of new life. 

I look out the window and see a mama and papa goose with their brand new offspring 530557_587140938016671_1483556160_nstrung out like pearls on a string between them floating effortlessly on the water. 

On our street, there are three dumpsters standing ready for spring cleaning.  Landscapers’ trucks are scattered here and there and the smell of fertilizer is pungent in the air.  Tulips bend to their own weight opening to the day and closing to the night. 

The birds have built their nests once again.  Our cardinals are back for another season.  Their babies soon will overflow the nest that seems much too small to contain them.  The air is fresh, the light is brighter, and the sun feels warm at last.

Do you have the spring cleaning urge?  How renewing it is to rid your house and office and heart of that which only clutters and takes up space so nothing new can enter.

We all know how uplifting it feels to clean and organize a drawer, a closet, and a file cabinet.  Give the gift of physical and energetic space to yourself.  Make space for your rebirth.  Be the change you want to see.  With every negative thought that you show the exit, welcome a positive, hopeful one to enter. 

What new life is pushing forth in you? What do you want to give birth to in this time of renewal?  Is there a poem you want to write, a painting to paint, a garden to plant, a new habit to form, or behavior you want to encourage in yourself?  Perhaps you want to let your heart open more to love and loving or practice loving kindness.  Perhaps you want to begin your day with a conscious intention such as looking for joy and happiness in each day. Perhaps you want to be more aware of the wonder of nature that surrounds us.10153824_757816740903916_311742024_n

Consider your life to be your ship and you are the captain.  Where are you on your ship?  Are you lounging below deck at the mercy of the current or do you have your hands firmly on the helm?  What new course would you like to set? 

Spring is a time when the Universe conspires to imbue all things with new energy and to support new life.  What would you like to consciously co-create during this magical time?



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  1. Avatar Mariett Baldwin says:

    Dear Marcia,

    What a perfect reminder of spring’s joy and the yearly awakening of all that surrounds us. It is amazing, perhaps it seems even more so this year after such a long and cold winter, to see the blossoming of the plants and the stirring of animals and birds everywhere we look. And, yes, it is the perfect opportunity to think about where we are, and what we want to focus on in our daily lives. Thank you for a wonderful message, Marcia !


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