I Will Never Let My Heart Be Broken Again

999302_181722592019608_399437539_nI Will Never Let My Heart Be Broken Again

 Last night I was listening to a song with the refrain, “Nothing in this world will ever break my heart again”.  Sound familiar?

Who hasn’t made this pledge to themselves at one time in their life or another, or many times throughout their life?  I know I have.

Take a moment and think back over your life to times when your heart has suffered from rejection, betrayal, and abandonment.  I call them the unholy three of unavoidable human suffering.  Whether it was the intention of whoever delivered these arrows or not, it feels intensely painful.

And in the pain did you think that it was because you were not good enough, not worthy of love, or that you did something to cause it (even though you cannot quite figure out what you did, it still must be your fault.)?  And have you tried so hard to be good only to find that the unholy three continue to visit their destruction upon you?  If so, you are not alone in this experience. 

In addition to trying to be good, you made a decision to let nothing in this world ever break your heart again.  How did you and I do this?  First we set it as a strong intention. Then we sent out the sentries to stand watch at our heart’s portal.  Some of these sentries are like a fence with a gate, some are made of bricks piled high and thick, some are made of steel that say, “I dare you”.  These protectors can be your anger, your bitterness, your isolation, fear of intimacy, lack of trust, co-dependence, victim-hood, and many more types of sentries who manage the feared pain. Hey, build a wall around yourself, keep people at a distance, and be the first to reject can very effectively ward off pain.

Oh, but it doesn’t work really.  The problem is you and I are on the other side of the wall we build to protect us and, when we push people away, we feel the result of that distance.  We are alone, disconnected.  And that is so painful.  We trade the fear of one kind of pain for the certainty of another kind of emotional pain.  “Oh”, you say, “but we are in control of the latter pain.”  Hum-m-m.  How is that working for you? 

We have a human heart and we have a sacred heart.  The human heart sustains hurt, pain, and suffering on the ego level.  But our sacred heart is on the level of our Self.  And our Self feels no pain.  It is Love. It does not sustain rejection, betrayal, or abandonment.  It transcends the unholy three.  Because it contains none of them, it is unaffected by them.  The Self is pure.  It is pure Love, Compassion, and Acceptance.  The Self runs through us on the soul level.  If we shift our focus to the higher vibrations and frequencies of the Self which enlivens us, we can feel compassion for the many protectors who loyally defend us against the feared pain and for the parts that carry the suffering of this physical life. 

How do we do this?  There are many ways to remember but the essential one is to lovingly and compassionately view the parts that carry your emotional pain, the fearful parts that protect you from pain, and the parts that try to avoid pain through compulsive behaviors and addictions.  If you observe your parts while firmly seated in your Compassionate Self essence, you can be open-hearted and safe.  You will know when you remember this essential Self because you will feel the expansive state of compassion.

Be the compassionate observer of this everyday life you move through while you remember you are not the physical body you inhabit for this brief period of time.  You are that which breathes life into it.  Be the breath of Self and allow the sweetness of your sacred heart be your protection.

6 Responses to I Will Never Let My Heart Be Broken Again

  1. Avatar Linda says:

    This is a keeper…thank you, my sacred soul friend!
    xoxo Linda

  2. Avatar ruth housman says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you, Marcie.

  3. Avatar Beck says:

    Important lesson. Thank you so much!

  4. Avatar Mary Beth says:

    Beautiful reminder, Marcia. When we feel our connection with the Divine Self, we become a compassionate observer of life. I have a daily affirmation, “Help me to feel as you feel.”

  5. Avatar frannie li says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder to honor our soul and not be limited to our physical bodies. If we do not learn the lesson of feeling the broken heart we will continue to be presented with similar situations until we learn acceptance of this very human but fleeting experience. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Avatar MARIETTA BALDWIN says:

    Hi Marcia,

    Thank you for this terrific posting. You- as always- manage to coach and guide others through what can be a complicated process of self discovery.Staying open and receptive is really important after encountering times of betrayal and loss.

    Have a great week.

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