Results of What Brings You Joy? survey

The Results are in on What Brings You Joy?


What brings me joy is:


-walking along the oceanfront


-an afternoon bubble bath

-an excellent meal

-walking in the woods

-hearing the birds sing

-bed socks on a winter night

-holding hands

-dear friends

-holding a sleeping baby

-cloudless summer sky

-the unique sound of a swan taking off and landing

-buds on trees

-the warmth of the sun

-riding ocean waves

-laughing 541502_183754201816447_529391043_n

-beautiful aromas/smells

-unobstructed view over land or water

-good health

-loving family and friends

-comfortable home

-candle light throughout the house

-lavender salts in the bath

-lazy weekend afternoons

-the smell of logs burning in the fireplace on a cold winter day


-taking a long walk



-classical music

-piano music

-being hugged by people I know love me

 These are from those who responded to the survey.  Please join and add more in the ‘Comment’ section below.  Let’s build our joy storehouse!

-sent with love

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5 Responses to Results of What Brings You Joy? survey

  1. Avatar Jen says:

    Dancing to and singing a good song.Ocean waves over my toes. Coming home to my dog who is over joyed to see me. The feel of my babies hand in mine. Love and laughter of family and friends.

  2. Avatar Joan Derrick says:

    All of the joys listed above
    – and –
    “giving and receiving loving kindness”

  3. Avatar Beck says:

    Porch time!

  4. Avatar Donna Guzman says:

    Watching my Greyhound run like the wind makes me laugh and smile….

  5. Avatar Steven Mack says:

    Enjoying your children and grandchildren.

    Never forget to say I love you at the end of a special occasion and or any time you talk to some close hand person.

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