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Ego and Self

May 7th, 2015

Identification with ego is the undoing of remembering your true being, Self. Your ego falsely believes the myth of separation and leaves you feeling small, isolated, unsupported, and vulnerable.  Every fear, every pain, and every suffering registers in ego.  Imagine …



About the Book

Path of Return: a Spiritual Guidebook for Enlightenment in Everyday Life gently and lovingly walks you through how you can live a life of integrity, positive intention, and responsibility in everyday dealings with yourself and others, while teaching the principles of living life with compassion and right action. Path of Return is a guide to practicing the spiritual alchemy of remembering your true identity as Divine energy.

The wisdom contained in Path of Return can enable you ...Read More

Reviews and Testimonials

“…the interpretations Ms. Schwartz gives to the concepts that form the basis of current metaphysical thought are refreshing, wise, and stated in a manner that makes abstruse concepts understandable.

Better still, the author has found language that allows the reader to be able to feel the concepts. It would be difficult to find a more concise, lucid, and readable summary of current spiritual teaching than the one Ms. Schwartz offers in this brief volume.”

–ForeWard Clarion Review

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